Friday, 27 November 2009


No, I am not referring to even more frantic attempts by alarmists to push out the message of doom! This report tries by a very convoluted argument, to suggest that "climate change" (of the catastrophic type predicted by alarmists) will drive poor women to seek a living by selling their bodies. I don't know who is the more desparate, the poor women or the people making the argument.


Anonymous said...

This climategate must be very vindicating for you,to be proved right,well done for standing up for your glad scientists have been pushed off their pedestal,everyones always banging on about corrupt politicians+saying they need to be replaced by scientific 'experts'as if all scientists are saints who do it for the good of sure there are many good scientists but I hope the public wake up from taking scientists words as gospel,there are crooked liars in every walk of life,politics+ science included

Derek Tipp said...

In one way it is good to find evidence to support what you believe. My concern is that it will not receive the proper examination in public that it should. I will keep trying along with others though - and thanks for your support. Without the internet we would almost certainly be lost.