Saturday, 27 February 2010


Christopher Booker's brilliant expose sums up the devastating collapse of the global warming edifice in the face of the multiple failures exposed in recent months. Here in the UK, Booker alone has relentlessly publicised the scandal week in and week out. He deserves much of the credit for the shift in public opinion. Surely our politicians will soon get the message?

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Anonymous said...

The rigors of scientific discipline demand,inter alia,that atheory imply the kind of evidence that would it wrong.Predictions based on the theory are checked against the facts.If something happens that should'nt have,and vice versa,the theory is discarded.The principal AGW alarmists themselves lament that they cannot explain the lack of warming.Ergo the AGW theory has been discredited.Einstein said that it does not take 100 scientists to prove him wrong.One fact alone would suffice.The Emissions Trading Scheme has been comprehensively rejected in the Australian Parliament.This clearly demonstrates that the public has had enough of the lies,cheating,filibuster,spin and obfuscation.