Sunday, 28 February 2010


This new poll confirms the trend away from belief in man made global warming. Despite the government's massive spending on propaganda the trend continues to run away from them.


Anonymous said...

The rigors of scientific discipline demand.inter alia,that a theory imply the kind of evidence that would prove it wrong.Predictions based on the theory are checked against the facts.If something occurs that should'nt have,and vice versa,the theory is discarded.The principal AGW alarmists themselves lament that they cannot explain the lack of warming.Ergo the AGW theory has been discredited.Einstein said that it would not take 100 scientists to prove him wrong.One fact alone would suffice.I have one response to those who ask me what would happen if I was wrong.Iwould ask that person to specify what would prove him wrong.After all,the onus of proof is on those made the claim that AGW is an established fact.I don't have to prove or disprove anything.In other words,put up or shut up.The comprehensive rejection of the Emissions
Trading Scheme in the Australian Parliament clearly demonstrates that the public has had enough of the lies,cheating,filibuster,spin and obfuscation.BTW,a sceptic is defined as one who does not accept or reject a proposition without critical rational analysis.

Anonymous said...

I believe humans have are at the very least, partially to blame for global warming, and I believe we need to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I write these words to give courage and support to anyone else who feels the weight of this problem and wants to help.