Wednesday, 17 March 2010


For those who say 'the science is settled' this article debunks the common myths put out about those who are sceptics.


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Anonymous said...

The article can't be viewed without signing in to ForestWeb with a username, password and PIN number. Is the article accessible in some other way?

Having made this comment yesterday and seeing the same problem again today, I'm guessing that you're not reading comments. I hope you will eventually read them and post links that you don't need to be logged in to read, or post/paste the info in your blog.

Derek Tipp said...

Sorry anonymous, but I have not experienced this problem before. You are the first person to have the problem. This blog is not in any way connected to ForestWeb and no password is required to access the links which are to sites accessible to anyone. Please try again.

Anonymous said...

I am having the same problem. Would like to read it if made generally available.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with Forestweb. Sure would like to read article if made generally available.

Anonymous said...

Clicking on 'this article' takes me here:, same as yesterday's link.

If I 'Copy link location' with Firefox, it points here.,DanaInfo=.awxyCuzgkzjx4L15vPrA+six-myths-about-deniers

Anonymous said...

I get Forestweb also instead of the articles. I tried taking of the security protocols and am using Firefox, but I could not access either article just as the other commenters wrote.

SBVOR said...


Click here for the same info at a different site.

I also get the username/password prompt at the UK site. This is true even when I attempt to view the home page of that site. Could it be that those outside England (or some other region) get that prompt? If the site is evaluating IP addresses, that could be done.

Derek Tipp said...

I preswume this is a new problem as no one has flagged it up previously. I have asked google to help me to sort it out. Meanwhile I do apologise if you have been affected. I will put the articles on here in full as a temporary measure.

Derek Tipp said...

Further to my previous reply, I have now discovered the cause of this and so I think I can orevent it in future.

SBVOR said...

Derek - No need for any apologies. You provide a tremendous service and we all appreciate it. There are lots of internet "gotchas" that every blogger is subject to. I know this from first hand experience.

Just Me in T said...

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