Thursday, 23 September 2010


I like to call myself a climate realist, meaning that I believe myself to be a person who looks at the evidence and tries to weigh it up and come to a logical conclusion. From my point of view it seems as though the alarmists have had a great deal of influence on the behaviour of governments resulting in massive expenditure and taxation. It is therefore very interesting to read this viewpoint from George Monbiot in which he insists that the global warming prevention campaign has ended in failure. Much of what he says does make sense, in that all government carbon reduction schemes are in reality a fraud. Putting up the costs of energy simply adds to the cost of living while emissions remain broadly the same, or else it results in industry closing and jobs and emissions going abroad while world emissions go on rising.

As I have said many times before, what we are getting is all pain for no gain. Despite the failure of governments, we are fortunate in this case that the runaway warming shows no signs of happening and even if it did there is no evidence that CO2 is likely to be the cause.


danielsher said...

Wow lol a very well written story

Derek Tipp said...

Thank you Daniel. It's always nice to get some feedback.

danielsher said...

Np lol You seem like a nice guy :)