Saturday, 26 March 2011


So why are most of them 'off limits'? This article takes you through the arguments. The evidence is provided by a Congressional Research paper that has been recently published. It certainly makes me wonder why the USA goes to so much trouble to import their fuel when they are sitting right on top of it.


SBVOR said...

It's a good article and I am very happy to see it published.

But, it's a gross underestimate of what we really have. The article documents about 1.3 trillion barrels of oil equivalent. I calculate over 1.6 trillion (without considering ANY of our enormous natural gas resources). That is a conservative (and fully substantiated) mean estimate.

Anonymous said...

This is almose an exact copy of the article produced in 2009 at The biggest difference is that the person who posted this article edited out the part that points out that most of the "energy reserve" (over 90%) in the U.S. is still coal. You can't burn that in cars.

Apparently, the intent here is to whip up people's emotions for more "Drill baby drill" while hiding the fact that there is really not enough sweet crude in the U.S. to make much difference in our dependance on foreign oil.

Sometime we are going to have to face the face that oil is rapidly running out and we do not have a viable replacement for it.