Thursday, 8 December 2011


This article in the Daily Mail sets out the evidence, which all those who see the BBC's climate change output are well aware of. It came to a head with the recent showing of the last episode of David Attenborough's accalimed series Frozen Planet. Sadly, those who saw it will have seen a one-sided look at the evidence for a catastrophic warming of the planet with no mention of any evidence that contradicts the so-called 'consensus' narrative. One small example was the melting of sea ice where no reference was made to the fact that this will have no effect on sea level - something that many viewers will be unaware. No mention either of the fact that the Antarctic has been gaining ice in recent years, leaving the total mass of ice on our planet more or less unchanged. No mention of the fact that the Arctic has in the recent past had several periods when it has warmed and lost ice, only to revert to regain it again. I fear Mr Attenborough has bowed to pressure and resorted to propaganda instead of balance. What a shame.

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