Wednesday, 5 December 2012


The following is a list of the guidance rules by which the BBC expects its staff to deal with articles concerning the climate change debate. To read the full article giving the background go to this link Surely this turns the BBC from an impartial provider of news a into propaganda machine for indoctrinating the public?
Those ten points are:

1. Journalists must resist framing the debate by putting up pro AGW advocates against climate sceptics.

2. Such an approach creates an impression of balance but in fact demonstrates that ‘balance is bias’ …against the consensus and therefore wrong.

3. It is important to train new, young journalists in a new approach to climate change because they will then either take that with them to the higher ranks of the BBC or move to other media organisations where they can then have influence over how the science is covered.

4. Journalists must now present the science as a long term ‘process’ and not look for a ‘result’….do not debate the science…facts are not necessary.

5. It is the Media’s role and responsibility to ensure the Public get the correct message about the science so that they then proceed to behave ‘dutifully’ in response.

6. Sceptics lack the knowledge and scientific background to be qualified to challenge the consensus.

7. Climate sceptics put in danger both Democracy and the Planet…..turn the debate into a ‘morality play’….guilt is good.

8. There needs to be a new kind of reporting….as said science as a ‘process’ but also introduce new voices….ignore the science, look at the consequences of global warming and the necessary responses….bring on economists, historians, politicians, social scientists and businessmen who will ensure the Public are made fully aware of the dangers of climate change according to the consensus.

9. Blur the boundaries between news and current affairs and other broadcast categories…drama, history, wildlife documentaries, anything that will further opportunities to influence the viewer’s perceptions and understanding of climate change.

10. There are no more facts to be found…the science is settled…..that is now the ‘Orthodoxy’.


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