Tuesday, 1 October 2013

LIES, DAMNED LIES...........

The primary basis for global-warming alarmism is unfounded. The Met Office has been making false claims about the significance of climatic changes to Parliament—as well as to the government, the media, and others — claims which have seriously affected both policies and opinions. When questioned about those claims in Parliament, the Met Office did everything feasible to avoid telling the truth.

Above is the concluding paragraph of this article which relates an attempt to get the UK government to answer a simple question on the statistical method used to assess the temperature record. Finally at the sixth attempt the answer is given, leading to the conclusion above.

Now The question is being asked again of the Chief Scientist at the Met Office, Julia Slingo. This question of statistics is quite hard to follow and will never be likely to fill the pages of a national newspaper, but it is fascinating nevertheless.

On a lighter note try googling "Senna the Soothsayer" and see what comes up first! (for the benefit of those who wonder who she was, she was a character in a popular TV comedy show from the 1970's called "Up Pompeii" and her main dialogue always began "Woe, thrice woe" 

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