Friday, 10 July 2015


This article from Roger Helmer MEP's excellent blog explains in simple English why the BBC is wrong to be so biased in its reporting of issues related to climate change, but I doubt that they will change as their alarmist position has become so embedded that it is very unlikely to change.


Dan Pangburn said...

Paraphrasing Richard Feynman: Regardless of how many experts believe it or how many organizations concur, if it doesn’t agree with observation, it’s wrong.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), some politicians and many others mislead the gullible public by stubbornly continuing to proclaim that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is a primary cause of global warming.

Measurements demonstrate that they are wrong.

CO2 increase from 1800 to 2001 was 89.5 ppmv (parts per million by volume). The atmospheric carbon dioxide level has now (through May, 2015) increased since 2001 by 29.58 ppmv (an amount equal to 33% of the increase that took place from 1800 to 2001) (1800, 281.6 ppmv; 2001, 371.13 ppmv; May, 2015, 400.71 ppmv).

The average global temperature trend since 2001 is flat (average of the 5 reporting agencies ). Graphs through 2014 have been added. Current measurements are within the range of random uncertainty with respect to the trend.

That is the observation. No amount of spin can rationalize that the temperature increase to 2001 was caused by a CO2 increase of 89.5 ppmv but that 29.58 ppmv additional CO2 increase did not cause an uptrend in the average global temperatures after 2001.

Now look at a longer period.

Engineering science proves CO2 has no significant effect on climate. The proof and identification of the two factors that do cause reported climate change (sunspot number is the only independent variable) are at (now with 5-year running-average smoothing of measured average global temperature (AGT), the near-perfect explanation of AGT since before 1900: R^2 = 0.97+ ).

The ongoing average global temperature trend is down. Monthly reported temperatures are being temporarily propped up by el Nino.

Ebin Mathew said...

Very Nice post and I will tell my friends to read the article