Saturday, 13 February 2016


The U.S. Supreme Court has dealt a decisive blow to President Obama’s so-called EPA climate regulations.  The Court may have stopped the EPA cold with the EPA regulations unlikely to be implemented before Obama leaves office. This will give political leaders time to mobilize and ensure that the EPA ‘climate rules’ never see the light of day. Delay is nothing short of a victory.  This is a major victory for U.S. sovereignty, energy freedom, climate science and a blow to economic central planning.

Legally what comes next is further review at the appellate level.  Importantly, the Court retained the final word for itself by imposing its stay until it has a chance to rule on whatever the Court of Appeals decides.  This signals that the majority of the Court has severe doubts about the legality of what Obama and McCarthy tried to foist on us.
Let's hope the Supreme Court blocking Gina McCarthy from implementing this dirty "clean power plan" while President Obama is still in office buys time for cooler heads to return us to a constructive energy policy. See here for more details.

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