Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Here is the link to part 2 of the series. This part includes the section on Greenhouse Gases which, though much of it is accepted, contains some material that suggests that CO2 plays a more prominent part than it does. For example half way down there is a pie chart showing the amount that the various greenhouse gases contribute to the warming effect. It claims that CO2 contributes 50%, but the table omits water vapour which is by far the most important greenhouse gas and is responsible for at least 70% (and up to 90% at times). This is a common occurrence in teaching and it seems odd that well qualified lecturers should make such an error. If water vapour had been included then CO2 contribution would go down to around 5-10%.  I can only conclude that these lecturers are complicit in enhancing the part played by CO2, though why I am not sure.  Maybe it's just for a quiet life!

For Part 1 of the notes here is the link.

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