Friday, 25 November 2016


Never heard of Doggerland? Blame it on climate change 20,000 years ago. Rising waters have forced populations to relocate since the dawn of early man. Consider that 20,000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age, the North Sea didn't exist. Global sea levels were as much as 400 feet lower than today, Britain was part of continental Europe and Scotland linked by land to Norway. A natural climate shift began to melt the glaciers of Scandinavia. Seismic surveys and ice cores from Greenland suggest that sea level rose as much as 6 feet per century during a series of melting events. Gradually the North Sea formed and then the southern area inundated more land forming islands.

Those rising oceans created new ports for Greek and Roman naval and trade vessels. But today many of those structures and ruins are inland, out in the open, making them popular tourist destinations. How did that happen? The Little Ice Age once again turned substantial ocean water into ice, lowering sea levels, and leaving former ports stranded. Not enough ice has melted since 1850 to make them harbors again.
The ancient city of Ephesus was an important port city and commercial hub from the Bronze Age to the Minoan Warm period, and continuing through the Roman Empire. An historic map shows its location right on the sea. But today, in modern-day Turkey, Ephesus is 5 km from the Mediterranean. Some historians erroneously claim “river silting” caused the change, but the real “culprit” was sea level change.
Ruins of the old Roman port Ostia Antica, are extremely well preserved – with intact frescoes, maps, and plans. Maps from the time show the port located at the mouth of the Tiber River, where it emptied into the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Battle of Ostia in 849, depicted in a painting attributed to Raphael, shows sea level high enough for warships to assemble at the mouth of the Tiber. However, today this modern-day tourist destination is 2 miles up-river from the mouth of the Tiber.

Just imagine if we were living at that time and we had climate alarmists speaking authoritatively about this warming being caused by mankind emitting CO2?  Think how convincing they would seem as the sea level kept on rising, even though the cause of this was entirely natural we would fall under their spell.   

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