Tuesday, 1 November 2016


As Warren Buffet famously observed, if it weren't for the subsidies, wind projects would never be built.

Here are CFACT's conclusions about "Ice Breaker:"
"Simply put, the danger is not climate change – which will always be with us. The real, immediate danger is renewable energy programs implemented in the name of controlling Earth’s perpetually fickle climate.
The 5,000 megawatt wind energy system being discussed for Lake Erie – and even more so, the absurdly ambitious 4,000,000 megawatt wind energy 'vision' for U.S. lake and ocean areas – will harm human health and welfare, job creation and preservation, wildlife and environmental quality, while doing nothing to reduce or prevent climate change: man-made, 'dangerous' or otherwise."

See the entire detailed comment at CFACT.org.  They make an excellent resource of the facts about wind.  The turbine industry paints a pretty picture about free energy from the wind.  Sadly, there is nothing "free" about it.  Every new turbine means higher costs for ratepayers and a higher burden for taxpayers.

We should build no new wind turbines unless and until they become genuinely economically viable in a competitive market.  They must also be subjected to the same environmental standards as proven, efficient sources of energy.

At the present wind energy is nothing more than a get rich scheme that generates subsidies for its investors, but is of little meaningful use toward keeping our lights on.

Don't look to the wind to reset the world's thermostat either.

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