Tuesday, 10 January 2017


I have been watching a new series on the wildlife of Yellowstone Park with presenter Kate Humble. It was not long before I discovered that she was pushing the effects of global warming as having bad effects on the flora and fauna. You can watch an episode here. The global warming narrative is slipped in as though it is taken for granted, with no ifs or buts. I have no doubt that this is part of a concerted effort by the leadership at the BBC to persuade the public that this is the case, with the unspoken caveat that we are all responsible. There is an excellent debunk of the proposition here by our good friend Paul Homewood. I don't know if Kate Humble has any views other than those expressed in the film, though I doubt it, but even if she had she knows that to express doubts would be likely to end her career, as it did for David Bellamy.

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