Saturday, 18 February 2017


This article looks at the UN "sustainability agenda" and explains how an innocuous sounding agenda in fact hides a wealth of freedom and job destroying regulations. A kind of Trojan horse for the modern age.
"Who today can foresee what technologies future generations will have 25, 50,or 200 years from now? What raw materials they will need? How are we supposed to ensure that those families meet their needs"?
"Why then would we even think of empowering government to regulate today’s activities today based on the wholly unpredictable technologies, lifestyles, needs, and resource demands of distant generations? Why would we ignore or compromise the needs of current generations, to meet those totally unpredictable future needs – including the needs of today’s most impoverished, energy-deprived, malnourished people, who desperately want to improve their lives"?

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