Monday, 13 February 2017


As climate alarmists desperately try to shore up their core support (as more and more of the general public begin to desert them) an organisation called the Climate Coalition has written a report with a press release entitled "Show The Love"claiming a whole raft of weather damage is actually caused by something called "climate change".

Who are the Climate Coalition? Here is the answer. While many are small local groups of environment worriers, others are huge wealthy multi-national charities. When looking through them all it seems at first sight that they must represent a huge number of people. However even though they collectively comprise a large membership, many of their members may not share the beliefs of their leadership and in reality that is probably the case. It is a pity that there is not an opposing coalition. It could be called the Affordable Fuel Coalition, but even though a lot of individuals might join, I doubt there would be many organisations prepared to publicly sign up. Such is the power of propaganda!

I doubt if any of the leaders of these organisations has ever looked at the evidence to see if the claims they make are in fact supported by the scientific data. Luckily for us someone has done it for us. The result is, as expected, the claims are unsubstantiated and can safely be explained as due to changes in the weather - something that we humans can have no power over, other than to prepare and adapt to it.

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Rowlyho said...

To that you should add the Climate Action Network which goes to show how far and wide the Green Blob extends.