Thursday, 2 February 2017


This article looks at a simple way to lower the earth's temperature that could be deployed at a fraction of the cost of the current efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. We could just leave it in abeyance until (or if!) the need for it arises. Problem solved!


Post$cript said...

Thank you for bringing this article to those looking for the truth about climate change and this is an excellent example of alternative facts.
With not much investigation into Bjorn Lomborg will find he is a climate denier.
His idea of spraying sea water in the air with boats will increase salt crystals in clouds to reflect more sunlight is rubbish. The clouds are relatively clean water as salt does not evaporate as water does. Proof is rain water is not salty and if it was all water in world would be polluted and undrinkable. He puts us these schemes to obtain funding to support his lifestyle, with a lot of the funding going into his pocket.
The Dane's pretty much ran him out of town and he tried setting up in Australia, with funding from the government, which he almost archived, until the Universities revealed the lies he was spreading.

Derek Tipp said...

Sorry PS, I only just noticed your comment. While you are correct that evaporation of sea water would only lead to water vapour with no salt, the scheme in the article is to spray sea water into the atmosphere which would of course lead to the dissolved salt being sprayed along with the water.