Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Yesterday I attended a Southern Water Stakeholder Workshop, by invitation as a local councillor. I did so in order to be better informed about the latest innovations in the water industry and to give my feedback on the future plans of the private company to tackle its various challenges. Top of its list of challenges is, guess what? Of course, it is climate change!

Here is a link to the report which runs to 47 lavishly illustrated pages. The section on climate change is from page 11 to 13 for anyone who is interested. It was written by a firm of consultants called MWH. What it reveals is how completely and utterly these businesses have absorbed the doctrine of human caused climate change. It was not as if the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the merits of the climate change hypothesis, so there was no point in my standing up to decry it - anymore than if I was to denounce the existence of god in a wedding service. Many attending a wedding may not believe in the religious aspects, but sit through it as a duty. Similarly there may be some in my workshop who have serious doubts about the climate hypothesis, but, like me, they want to find out if the waste water system is going to be more effective.

Just to pick out one of the worst excesses in the report. " Above all, the global climate is increasingly volatile.  2017 is forecast to be amongst the hottest on record.  In 2016, CO2 concentrations breached the scientifically and symbolically important 400 parts per million level, widely regarded as a potential trigger point". -  I don't no where to start here. First there is no evidence of increasing volatility in the global climate. There are and have always been extreme weather events. As for 400ppm of CO2 being a "trigger point", this is complete nonsense without any scientific merit at all. It is simply a round number.

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