Monday, 26 February 2018


This post provides a nice set of rebuttals to  the common alarms raised by those in thrall to the climate change meme as set out below:
    Claim #1: Heat waves are increasing at an alarming rate and heat kills
    Claim #2: Global warming is causing more hurricanes and stronger hurricanes.
    Claim #3: Global warming is causing more and stronger tornadoes
    Claim #4: Global warming is increasing the magnitude and frequency of droughts and floods.
    Claim #5: Global Warming has increased U.S. Wildfires
    Claim #6: Global warming is causing snow to disappear
    Claim #7: Global warming is resulting in rising sea levels as seen in both tide gauge and satellite technology
    Claim #8: Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland ice loss is accelerating due to global warming
    Claim #9: Rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations are causing ocean acidification, which is catastrophically harming marine life
    Claim #10: Carbon pollution is a health hazard
    What a good thing they are all false alarms!

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