Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Below is an extract from a local authority planning document giving requirements for new dwellings.

"Within all dedicated off-street parking spaces that are within the curtilage of a dwelling the minimum requirement is the installation within the parking space of a dedicated fast charging unit. (With at least a 32 amp single phase power supply, or any subsequent higher minimum standard adopted nationally.)  In new developments where communal parking areas are provided, or where private parking is separate from the premises or dwelling, an electrical supply should be installed with sufficient power capacity to enable the convenient installation of fast charging points to all parking spaces in the future, without the need for significant re-wiring, structural or subsurface works. Some charging points should be provided unless it is demonstrably unfeasible to do so.
With continuing development in technology, new developments should install the latest method of charging that is accepted as an industry standard and cost effective for general use."

How much will this add to the cost of a new home and how much extra power will the grid need to supply if all these charging points were to be used together?

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