Sunday, 22 July 2018


This story from the Sheffield Star local newspaper shows school children protesting about traffic pollution, which sounds perfectly reasonable. However it leaves a number of questions unanswered, such as where did the idea to do this come from? I very much doubt it was spontaneously suggested by a pupil. I also wonder how much school time was spent making up the posters. Did they even protest in school time. It seems to have become quite acceptable for this kind of political activism to be encouraged, and I dare say originated by schools, which is contrary to the 1996 Education Act, Sections 406 and 407  which requires controversial political matters to be presented in a balanced way. I bet most of these children's parents use a petrol or diesel car regularly, as well as most of the teachers. There is more than a touch of hypocrisy in these sort of campaigns. I wonder how many of the children know the meaning of that word?

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