Monday, 29 April 2019


Here are the details of Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn's motion to parliament that is to be debated on Wednesday. I would not be surprised if it was passed, as hardly anyone would dare to vote against the doctrine of the Church of Climatology as handed down by its High Priests, such as David Attenborough and his Swedish Apostle, Greta Thornberg. [update - it was passed without a vote]

A motion to the Scottish parliament was defeated by a large majority, so perhaps there is some hope. However Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP government in Scotland has declared a climate emergency by herself. You just cannot make this up!

There are a few MPs who do talk common sense and I hope they have the courage to speak up for us, but they are heavily outnumbered by the sheep.

If this motion were to be passed, what happens next is anyone's guess, but no doubt they will do something very silly and costly that will have no effect whatsoever on the climate.

As you can see from yesterday's post we have no choice in this country other than climate folly or completely bonkers!  

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