Wednesday, 10 August 2011


This article by Geoffrey Lean of the Telegraph is written from the point of view of someone who wants to cut emissions of CO2 at any cost, hence his headline "In the world of climate change the bloody-minded reign supreme" He is referring to the nations who object to the imposition of controls on ship-building. If this only applied to new ships then it would seem to be a reasonable measure, in which case we might expect all nations would accept it today. However if, as some commenters have suggested, it is going to mean existing ships are going to be forced to be retired early, leading to vast extra costs to shipping companies, then it is not surprising that some would be bloody-minded.


Axel said...

Whilst Geoffrey Lean describes himself as "Britain's longest-serving environmental correspondent", this isn't entirely true is it. David Attenborough, for one, has been at it longer than him, and there are others. This illustrates that the man is economical with the truth in any case.

So then, in his spiel of glibness, Lean starts out with the flawed premiss "carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming", blaming the "jaded atmosphere of the climate negotiations", for the failure to agree these shipbuilding regulations.

He turns every story, into a personal tirade against what he perceives to be the "bloody minded". Of course it is Mr.Lean, who is the cantankerous one. His ideas are born out of ignorance.

The International Maritime Organisation, is an agency of the "United Nations", and as such can be expected to try to impose the "AGW Crusade" upon all and sundry.
This is a deperate attempt really to shore up the rotting hulk of that busted flush. Lean is a fatuous acolyte in that sense, and no-one should seriously pay attention to his ramblings.

Anonymous said...

It's very simple. We should revert to sailing ships. not only would that resolve the shipping CO2 issue, but it would mean much more jobs.

Derek Tipp said...

You cannot be serious, Anon? Why do you think sail was replaced by steam?