Tuesday 30 November 2021


 Here is the link:

Hold a referendum on whether to keep the 2050 net zero target - Petitions (parliament.uk)

Currently the petition is just short of 20,000 signatures and it needs to get to 100,000 by next April. How many people are there who have not been brain-washed? If you know any then pass this on.

Monday 29 November 2021


 When you see the headlines to the latest climate reports by the IPCC and others, you find that they say that there is a "climate crisis" and there is "no doubt" about it, and yet inside those very reports there are sections which say very different things. Hardly anyone reads the full reports, so these much less scary sections go unreported. To find out more, watch the GWPF Annual Lecture by Professor Steve Koonin, which is available at this link:

2021 Annual GWPF Lecture | Steven E Koonin | Unsettled - YouTube

Wednesday 24 November 2021


 Most readers of this blog will be aware that in the current political climate there is no room for any scientific evidence which casts doubt on the current hypothesis that global warming is caused by rising CO2 emissions due to fossil fuel use. However there are serious scientists who have come up with alternatives like these:

How much has the Sun influenced Northern Hemisphere temperature trends? An ongoing debate - Global Warming Solved

You will never find these papers without going to a great deal of trouble as the search engines are configured to hide them. Of course any doubt is a serious problem for politicians, but should that lead to an attempt to censor any other ideas?


 I often get sent articles to do with climate and recently I received one which made me realise what is likely to be coming our way here in the UK. Below is a short extract:

"The UK has already signed up to Net Zero by 2050 and, legally, every business must do the same. 


That probably still feels like a long way off, so how about 2023 instead?  While COP26 may not have fulfilled all aspirations, a very significant announcement was made by Westminster just before the start of the conference, stating that all large businesses and public organisations must have a plan for Net Zero by 2023. 


You may think that you are not a large business. But you probably do business with large businesses and public bodies – or, if not, you are likely to be a supplier to someone else who does – and true measurement runs end to end, including the full supply chain up and downstream. 


This means that, if you want to be part of the supply chain, you must have a plan yourself.  And, by the way, most companies need to start planning a year before the deadline date – so if you haven’t got this in hand by the end of next year, your business probably won’t survive very long. "

If you skim through the above extract, you can easily dismiss it as just more waffle, but if you look at it a bit more carefully and analyse what it says, it is actually the start of a nightmare for the businesses of the UK. "Every business has to have a plan for Net Zero by 2023".

 I don't recall this being announced. But just imagine the complexity of complying with it. It would be more complex than filling in your tax return, and it would need to show each year up to 2050. Think of all the new jobs for "climate compliance officers", and the number of plans that all businesses would have to write and then check with all their suppliers. 

No doubt the government would require all these plans to be checked by some vast new Net Zero compliance department employing tens of thousands of civil servants. (These must be the new "green jobs" the government keeps talking about.) It would need to be at least as big as HMRC.

Is this included in the £1.4 trillion estimate of Net Zero given by the government? I doubt it. We are all going to have to pay for this regulation in higher prices and taxes. Welcome to the new "1984-style" world of the (near) future.

The article was written by the head of a business consulting firm, who obviously is delighted to see all this come in. Here is a bit more of it describing what must be in the Net Zero plan:

(My comments in red)

"Fuel for heating and transport, electricity, and everything else upstream and downstream such as business travel or transportation of goods. Every item has a carbon value from its production.  This means EVERYTHING. (that's nice and simple)


If every single business measured everything, then suddenly it would become a lot easier.   Expect regulation in the not-too-distant future which demands that every single item lists its carbon rating – just as we have the traffic light system on food today. (who bothers to read that?)


Once you know how big your carbon footprint is, and what is driving it, you can take action to reduce it. Next, set a target and a plan. Make it achievable but realistic. As this becomes more prevalent, both consumers and businesses will only want to deal with those taking action, so don’t leave this to the last minute. (most consumers won't care, but that won't stop the government)


Keep tracking and keep taking actions to reduce. Once you get down to the last 10%, then, certainly, go and plant some trees." (that's if you are still in business!)

So if this is true we can look forward to sky high prices and bankruptcies galore, mass unemployment and shortages. I loved this bit: "If every single business measured everything, then suddenly it would become a lot easier."  A lot easier for who, I wonder? 

Monday 22 November 2021


 We are constantly being told that the science of meteorology is settled, but this article in the Mail on Sunday reveals the truth:

It's weather wars as the Met Office forecasts mild winter while the BBC predicts a big freeze | Daily Mail Online

Clearly one of these opposing forecasts is wrong. Has the Met Office been brainwashed by its own climate change propaganda? Time will tell.

Wednesday 17 November 2021


 During my time as a councillor I have been told more than once that pressure is being applied to council leaders and senior officers on councils to tow the line on climate change or you will be at the back of the queue when grant funding is given out to your council. Believe it or not signing up to declare a "climate emergency" is now considered a mainstream activity. No wonder that so many councils have signed up to this. It is not a real endorsement of actual belief in this, but simply a way of keeping their councils in a good financial position.

The same thing also applies to those trying to further their careers. There is no incentive to articulate any objection to the government's net zero policy, quite the opposite. There is no need for any overt threats, the (not so subtle) message is quite clear.

Monday 15 November 2021


 This is a vital report explaining why the West seems to be letting China get away with using fossil fuels without hardly any criticism while we are subjected to ever more draconian policies making ourselves poorer. Here is the link to this Daily Mail piece: Why is there lack of concern over burning coal, asks DAVID ROSE  | Daily Mail Online 

It seems odd that the link is given such an innocuous title, but once you read it you will see that it lists a number of hugely wealthy environmental charities and their leaders that are working closely with the Chinese communists. The list includes Lord Stern of the Grantham Institute, who is also a UK  government adviser and Bob Ward, Stern's spokesman. Then there is Kate Hampton, chief executive of the Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), which donates tens of millions a year to green groups including Extinction Rebellion.

The more you read articles like this the more you realise the vast sums of money that are behind the current policy of decarbonising the West, while our enemies are being given a free pass. It is a classic case of shooting ourselves in the foot. Useful idiots indeed!  

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Tuesday 9 November 2021


London, 9 November - High costs and the unreliability of renewable energy are the single largest obstacle to climate policies and are at the heart of the resistance of developing nations to follow the EU and UK’s favoured Net Zero plans at COP26.

This fact has been put in the spotlight by the revelation that the official electricity supplier to COP26, the Griffin wind farm in Scotland, has been paid substantial constraint payments during the conference

The Griffin wind farm in Perthshire is the official electricity supplier to the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, though of course the conference buildings actually rely on the grid mix of electricity generation, including nuclear, gas, and even coal to guarantee security of supply (see Coal keeps the lights on at COP26 as low wind strikes again).

Even more embarrassingly, it now transpires that the Griffin wind farm has been receiving large payments to reduce generation due to low local demand and weak grid connection between the wind farm and the majority of the grid’s consumers.

The Scottish edition of the Daily Express has revealed that the wind farm has received about £500,000 during the conference to reduce generation (UK bill-payers fork out more than £500,000 to switch off turbines at official COP26 wind farm.)

Such payments are highly anomalous in the electricity market, since wind farms lose their subsidy when they are “constrained” off, and this means they demand to be compensated.

Due to the difficulties such wind farms cause the system operator they are able to ask for more than the subsidy they are losing. Consequently, and as a matter of fact, wind farms actually make more money per MWh of electrical energy constrained off than those generated and sold normally to consumers.

Dr John Constable, the energy editor of Net Zero Watch said:
“Wind farms are a low quality generator requiring very costly grid management actions to maintain security of supply. The constraint payments to the COP26 official wind farm are typical of these problems, and a good example of the very high costs that deter the majority of the world from abandoning fossil fuels. 

"At some point the green lobby is going to have to chose  between sustainable emissions reductions and their failing pet technologies, wind and solar.”


Net Zero Watch

Friday 5 November 2021


 The Tory destruction of childhood: Children as young as five will be taught to be little eco-warriors

Daily Mail, 5 November 2021

Teaching primary pupils that humans harm the planet can be our ‘key weapon’ in the fight against climate change, the Education Secretary claimed yesterday.

Nadhim Zahawi is to urge schools to equip children as young as five with ‘the skills and knowledge to build a sustainable future’.

Teachers will also be encouraged to install bird boxes and other wildlife features on school grounds to boost ‘biodiversity’.

For the first time, primary schools will be told to include climate change in the science curriculum. Secondary schools will be shown how to address the topic in other subjects, such as English.

The plans were welcomed by the UN last night – although one critic raised fears that fuelling ‘panic’ among pupils could damage their mental health.

For the first time, primary schools will be told to include climate change in the science curriculum. Secondary schools will be shown how to address the topic in other subjects, such as English (stock image)

The Department for Education said the green policy, to be formally announced by Mr Zahawi today at the Cop26 summit, will ‘put climate change at the heart of education’.

Although teaching the new content will be voluntary, schools will be told it is ‘best practice’ to take it on board.

Climate change is already on secondary schools’ statutory national curriculum in science, citizenship and geography.

But the DfE now wants it covered in other subjects too, and will issue lesson plans showing teachers how to do so.
Full story

Tuesday 2 November 2021


 This link gives the details: TV soaps to swap characters to highlight climate change - BBC News

I don't normally believe in conspiracy theories, but this seems beyond doubt. I don't watch these programmes, but millions do and I wonder what their regular fans will think of all this contrived propaganda. 

Apart from being bemused, I suspect quite a few will find it rather patronising to be subjected to this mild form of brain-washing. I bet there won't be any climate sceptic characters to put any contrary points. No, it will be fully sanitised like all the news bulletins.

Just imagine some conversation in the soap pub like;

"You won't catch me getting one of these blooming heat pumps. They're about as much use as a chocolate tea pot."

"Aye, you're right there. These politicians are a load of hypocrites, flying around in their private jets and then having the nerve to lecture us on how to heat our homes."

"And it won't make any blooming difference anyway, with all the extra coal-fired power stations being built in China and India - complete madness".

Of course no such conversation will ever be aired, but these are just the sort of conversations that the public will be having all over the country. They will also be asking why their soaps have been taken over by pc propaganda.