Tuesday 31 January 2023


Surely no sensible government can be expecting wind turbines and solar panels to produce the vast amount of reliable cheap electricity that the world needs when they get to net zero. No, I think they have set 2050 as the target date to make sure it is out of their time in office and what they are relying on (or should I say hoping for) is for something to turn up. I know, it is a crazy way to go on, but can you think of a more plausible idea? One of the possible projects they are betting on is nuclear fusion. So how are things going. Here is a good video to get us up to date:

Fusion power: how close are we? | FT Film - YouTube

Monday 30 January 2023


The headline refers to India, but we know it could just as well apply to China. Here's the link:

 India’s Uncompromising Commitment to Coal | Watts Up With That?

"Coal is still the largest contributor to global power generation. Leaders of Asian countries know this and are not inclined to risk their objective of economic liberty with over reliance on highly volatile and expensive “renewable” technology."

Sunday 29 January 2023


This new directive has been issued by the EU, but I'm sure the UK will soon follow suit.  

Memo to Minions: You will be allowed to eat crickets to save the climate says EU « JoNova (joannenova.com.au)

No doubt our diet will be changed, whether we like it or not, unless we look very closely at the ingredient labels. This has as much to do with increasing profits as reducing CO2 emissions. You have been warned!

" The European Commission declares new insect products safe for consumption. So from Tuesday, powdered house crickets and the small mealworm will also be allowed in food."

"Cricket powder will now be permitted in a number of food products, such as multigrain bread, crackers, cereal bars, biscuits, beer-like beverages, chocolates, sauces, whey powder, soups, and other items “intended for the general population,” according to the new regulation." 

Saturday 28 January 2023


 Many people think that wind farms are the key to stopping the use of fossil fuels, but how do we feel about the collateral damage to wild life. Should we risk destroying endangered wildlife in a vain attempt to change the climate? Here is the link:

Evidence says offshore wind development is killing lots of whales - CFACT

Friday 27 January 2023


 You might think that oil is about to dry up across the globe. With all the talk of net zero, surely no one is still exploring for new oil wells? What about the imminent move away from fossil fuels and stranded assets? If you believe this is the future read this report:

Global Oil & Gas Discoveries Up, As Drilling Continues Apace | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT (wordpress.com)

You see, the rest of the world knows that we still rely heavily on oil and will continue to do so for decades to come. Surely our politicians know it too, even though they cannot bring themselves to actually do any new drilling or fracking themselves. They prefer to virtue-signal and then import it, hoping that no one notices. 

Thursday 26 January 2023


UK electricity supplies near to collapse amid pleas for help. How long can this go on? If predictions of a cold February come true it does not look good.  

National Grid 'made emergency requests to Europe for help to avert blackouts across the south-east' | Daily Mail Online


 There is a new website which has some thought provoking articles on it. This one:

Can climate policy be democratic? - Climate Debate

highlights the lack of any opportunity for the public to hear any opposing views on any aspect of the current drive to net zero. It also looks at the lack of any realistic opposition party to vote against the onslaught of the policy. As the results of the current policy continue to reduce ordinary people's quality of life, this can only lead to increased dissatisfaction. With no democratic way of expressing this, it is quite likely to lead to frustration boiling over. 


Meet The Organisation Behind The Media’s Climate Hysteria | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT (wordpress.com)


Wednesday 25 January 2023


 Environmental, Social, Governance* (ESG) - it doesn't trip off the tongue, but ESG has been gathering pace and influence among the Davos Elite and so it matters. Read further about it here:

Backlash: BlackRock CEO says attacks on ESG investing are getting ugly and personal « JoNova (joannenova.com.au)

Business (or private) reputation is very important and so any threat to vilify a company or individual is very powerful. Once a set of actions becomes "must do" or "must not do" in the eyes of the woke media (and those who hold sway over them) then any organisation (or individual) needs a lot of courage to stand out against it.

*ESG sounds very important and high-minded, but in fact it means whatever the self-appointed high priests of woke want it to mean. 

Tuesday 24 January 2023


Konstantin Kisin speaking.to the woke about climate change at an Oxford University debate. This was flawless delivery with a compelling message.

 "Your Feelings Are More Important Than The Truth" - YouTube

Monday 23 January 2023


 But who is going to save us from them? Jo Nova has captured a few highlights from the gathering of this bizarre cult. Here is the link:

It’s a cult: The WEF are the “select few” touched as saviors of the world to master the future « JoNova (joannenova.com.au)

You can only imagine what the pressure must be like to have such enormous responsibility on their shoulders.

Sunday 22 January 2023


How many time will the government ignore the warnings that net zero is a disaster waiting to happen? 

National Grid puts coal plants on standby to supply electricity - BBC News


Saturday's Daily Mail carried a three page article by Ross Clark which explained in the most reasonable language just what has been happening to the media when reporting on global warming issues. While not everyone reads the Mail, it still has a very large readership. There is more to come on Sunday. The articles come from a new book that Ross is just publishing. Here is the link to the article:

 ROSS CLARK challenges the hysteria that surrounds climate change debates and argues they risk harm | Daily Mail Online

Here are some quotes which illustrate the massive exaggeration in media coverage:

"On July 19 last year, Britain experienced its highest-ever recorded temperature: 40.3c (104.5f) at Coningsby, Lincolnshire. This was the fourth time Britain’s maximum temperature record had been broken since 1990 and is consistent with a warming climate.

Yet did that justify the reporting which framed it as an ‘apocalypse’ with predictions of 10,000 excess deaths from that summer’s heatwave? In the event, excess deaths came to less than a third of that. Moreover, the middle of 2022 witnessed a large unexplained number of excess deaths beginning in March, long before the heatwave."

"People already live and work quite happily in climates far hotter than Britain will experience even in the most dramatic scenarios of climate change. They manage to do this thanks to properly designed buildings, insulated from heat as well as cold, aided by proper ventilation and air-conditioning."

"There seem to be very simple rules behind the narrative being spun to the public. First, that climate change offers nothing positive, only harm. Second, that the only way to tackle that harm is to end climate change. The idea of adapting to it is considered sacrilege."


Here is the follow up article in the Mail on Sunday:

ROSS CLARK says the Government's fantasy of net zero will leave us all...Poorer, colder and hungrier | Daily Mail Online

Saturday 21 January 2023


The video linked below explains that it will be necessary to force humanity to give up our current way of life to reach net zero. This is not the message that Western governments are currently putting out, and I doubt they will be that explicit. Their approach is to scare the people and hope to get them to change by means of an overwhelming propaganda campaign. It seems doubtful that this will be sufficient for a large proportion of people, many of whom will be unwilling, or unable, to pay to change their heating system or their car. It is at this point that we will see if force will be used and how much. The video highlights the suggestion of world government, but that looks a long way off, considering there is no consensus and never likely to be. Here is the link:

Climate Solutions - YouTube


Friday 20 January 2023


Here is a good article which puts the outrageous claims made by climate alarmists in there place.  

A Critical Examination of the Six Pillars of Climate Change Despair | Watts Up With That?

My one criticism of it is that the author accepts the worst case projections, but he does so just to make a very good point, which is that even that is not nearly as scary as is made out. So we should relax and instead prepare for the worst extreme weather that we will undoubtedly get occasionally. 

Thursday 19 January 2023


We keep being told that fossil fuel companies will be left with billions of dollars worth of stranded assets. But that could only happen if the whole world goes over to renewable energy, which does not look likely in China, India and Russia for a start. On the other hand supposing there is not a mass transfer to battery electric vehicles (BEVs)? Read more here:

 Stranded Assets - Donn Dears LLC (ddears.com)

Wednesday 18 January 2023


The graph below compares the ten warmest years on record for global surface measurements. Here is a link: Annual 2022 Global Climate Report | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) (noaa.gov) The year 2022 was the sixth warmest since global records began in 1880 at 0.86°C (1.55°F) above the 20th century average of 13.9°C (57.0°F). What credence should we put on such data? 

Where were the recording stations in the polar regions, bulk of Eurasia, Africa, South America, and the oceans in 1880? How does infrared radiation in a warming atmosphere penetrate the oceans beyond 1 millimeter? 

It is hard to believe that there is much value in a claim that these figures are sufficiently accurate to be taken seriously. 

The ten warmest years on record

Tuesday 17 January 2023


The headline to this post might cause alarm to those who fear any rise in temperature of our lower atmosphere, but as you will see when you read the link provided, this unexpected  warming is predicted to be caused by a natural event, a volcanic eruption. It is only a prediction and our atmosphere is so complex that it might be completely wrong, just like the predictions of climate change. Here is the link: 

Study: The Tongan Eruption Might Cause a Breach of the 1.5C Global Warming Limit - Watts Up With That? 

The actual temperature change of 1.5C is so small that it is not possible for humans to feel the difference. Why this figure was chosen as a limit is also shrouded in mystery. It was seemingly plucked out of thin air. The fact that it could be breached by completely natural events is also worth noting.

One day we will realise that it is simply impossible to control the world's temperature or the climate. Of course many of us already do! In any case who wants to see the temperature drop by 1.5C and send us back to the end of the Little Ice Age?

Monday 16 January 2023


There is so much one-sided propaganda put out by the media that many people find it hard to believe that there could be any doubt about the so-called climate emergency. So I thought it might be useful to give readers a link to something which reminds us of the many areas of doubt and uncertainty which are real. 

 A DIY Guide To Demystifying “Greenhouse Gas” Claims…The Science That Cuts Corners (notrickszone.com)

Here are some of the main points:

"Even without a scientific background, most people have at least good common sense. And that’s all it takes to get a grasp of how vigorously and chaotically enormous energy fluxes slosh up and down, back and forth between earth’s surface and the skies."

Below are some key points

At the top of the atmosphere, every square meter oriented towards the sun thus receives a fairly constant power influx of 1361 to 1362 W/m2. Whereas the main greenhouse gases contribute a very small amount each: 

          Carbon dioxide                           + 2.05    W/m2
          Methane                                       + 0.49    W/m2
          Nitrous oxide                              + 0.17    W/m
          Tropospheric ozone                   + 0.4      W/m2  

The complex reality of transfers and transformations of energy on our planet involving soils, waters, gases, clouds, aerosols, heat storage, conduction and convection, chemical reactions and phase transformations, as well as a host of additional factors are simply swept under the carpet, attributing all their combined effects solely to the odious “greenhouse gases”.

One of the favourite tricks of climate prophets of doom is to suggest that all major factors influencing our climate are more or less constant, with the sole exception of “greenhouse gases”. 

Another diversion has been to declare that water vapor is simply reinforcing the leading role of CO2

Well worth reading it all at the link above.

Sunday 15 January 2023


 Someone pointed out to me this interesting video. It talks about the massive interference by government in the automobile market in order to push battery electric vehicles. It is looking like this will seriously undermine the market. The man who does the talking, Harry, claims to believe in the climate emergency, even though he admits that the public are not ready to switch to expensive, less reliable EVs. I wonder why?

Here is the link to the video:

EV sales jumped in December to 33% of total new car sales. Here's why I think there's trouble ahead - YouTube  

Saturday 14 January 2023


The linked article gives an insight into the accuracy of the state of the art satellite sea-level measurements. You will see that they are not as accurate as you might think as you read through to the end. Here is the link: 

Sentinel-6: New International Sea Level Satellite - Watts Up With That?

The very last points are set out below and need to be emphasized. 

5.  The ONLY sea level, or its rise or fall, of any importance to any locality or its governmental bodies is Local Relative Sea Level.  This sea level rise (or fall) caused by rising absolute sea level rise combined with vertical land movement (in most instances, downward) determines the magnitude of any risk or threat from sea level rise for that location.

6.  Many localities which have valuable infrastructure built on land only a few inches or feet above existing mean sea level for their location are already at risk of flooding by spring tides and storm surge and need to initiate changes in building codes and begin mitigation immediately.  The sea will continue to rise, ever so slowly.

So far there is no evidence of any change in the long term gradual rise in sea level here in the UK which is set at around 7 or 8 inches per century (16 to 19 cms) 

I have covered this subject before and new readers can read it here:


Another good article covering world sea level rise can be seen here:

Sea level is stable around the world - CFACT

Friday 13 January 2023


"The warming effect on Alabama of the extra GHGs is a problem as the temperatures of the recent decades (which should be responding to the warming influence of extra GHSs) have actually been cooler than earlier decades when this influence was essentially absent. A lesson here is that for small areas of the size of a state or two, the long-term natural variations are typically greater than that exerted by extra GHG's.

So much for "global warming" - no wonder it has been changed to "climate change" ! Joking aside, the real point here is that the world has so many different climates affected by so many variables that many of them will be changing in totally different ways at the same time for a whole range of reasons. CO2 changes is just one small variable among many.

Thursday 12 January 2023


John Christy on extreme weather and the link to  human CO2 increases: 

"We have observations for about 135 years in Alabama. Over this period, we can calculate the extreme values for every type of statistic desired, hottest day, hottest 3-days, hottest week, hottest fortnight, hottest month, etc. There are dozens and dozens of extreme parameters that may be determined. However, based on very simple statistics, we would expect fully half of these extremes to be exceeded in the next 135 years without any human influence at all. Extreme events will continue to occur naturally."

Exactly - our detailed measurements are over much too short a time frame to say that any small change in a record is significant. Yet the media try to make out there is an "emergency" because of a change in one record.

"Various types of paleoclimate evidence (tree rings, ice cores, lake sediments, etc.) give us some glimpses into events prior to the 19th century and indicate that many ancient extremes appear well outside of our recent experience (i.e. being “worse” than our “worst ever”) – all due to natural dynamical processes." 

Wednesday 11 January 2023


 This case is due to take place on March 15th with far reaching results for all of us. Below is the background to it:

In The Netherlands there have now been two prominent climate cases. In 2015 Dutch NGO Urgenda won its case against the Dutch state, demanding more ambitious reduction of greenhouse gases. Now Friends of the Earth (FoE) has prevailed against a private company in a climate case. Shell was ordered to adopt corporate policies to reduce the CO2 emissions from the group’s activities by net 45% by the end of 2030 compared to 2019. This reduction obligation applies to the Shell Group’s entire global energy portfolio. Shell must not only reduce its own emissions but also ensure that the emissions of its suppliers and customers (Scope 3 emissions) fall drastically.


The verdict and court documents, reveal that this is some sort of 'sweetheart' case in which the parties agreed on the facts. Shell could hardly defend itself against the alarmist statements put forward by FoE because the company had previously made similar statements. Nowadays, a large, publicly traded company cannot publicly deny the “climate crisis.” If a company were to do so, it would have the media, activists, and a large number of politicians all condemning it. No public company can afford such reputational damage. Climate activists exploit the inability of corporations to defend themselves.


FoE in power
With the big win against Shell in its pocket FoE has demanded ambitious 'climate plans' from 30 major Dutch companies, including food companies and even banks and insurance companies. These climate plans have been verified by the “New Climate Institute,” a consultancy known for the “Climate Action Tracker” that has turned climate into a huge revenue model. The result was a red “climate crisis index” rating for the vast majority.


These companies face the same dilemma as Shell. If they fight back they will likely suffer huge reputational damage. Shell moved its headquarter from The Hague to London last year, and will receive huge subsidies for CCS-projects (Carbon Capture and Storage) and green hydrogen. Ultimately, the bill for all these 'climate plans' will have to be paid by citizens and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Small companies are already suffering due to high energy prices, which are only partly related to the war in Ukraine and for the rest the result of environmental and climate policies.


Intervention by Clintel
Clintel says enough is enough. In October Clintel sent a request to the court of appeal to join the case as a third independent party. Clintel's aim is to make clear that the judge based its verdict on a distorted picture of climate science, the role of the IPCC and the state of the climate. It will also defend the rights of citizens and democracy. 
Not surprisingly, but disappointing nonetheless, both Shell and FoE oppose Clintel‘s proposed intervention. The court ordered a hearing on March 15th 2023 in which Clintel can plead its case.


We launched our own special website for this court case: climatecaseofthecentury.org.
Everyone in the world can (free of charge) join our case (as a citizen/lawyer or as a scientist) by filling in a form on the website. The more people participate, the better for making your voices heard. You can also help us by sending this newsletter to other people that might want to join our case. 

Of course, we also need a lot of financial support for this big court case. All the details about how you can contribute are available on climatecaseofthecentury.org

We are truly living in extraordinary times. As has been said, above, all this is going to drive up prices which we will all be paying. It will also lead to shortages, as some businesses will go broke. I hope that many of these businesses will help to fund the Clintel legal team, as it is ultimately for their benefit, just as it will be for us. I suspect that there will be huge and complex arguments about what counts as a "carbon emission" and who is responsible for what. All this will lead to long and expensive court cases. It is utter madness brought upon us by foolish governments and courts. It will probably be looked at in future centuries in much the same way as we now see the Spanish inquisition and the Salem witch trials.  


 For those who are really interested in a thoroughly readable account of climate change, I can thoroughly recommend this download written by Prof John Christy. Here is a man with a passion for the subject and an unsurpassed knowledge and access to data. While the booklet specifically refers to Alabama, much of the content also applies to the world. At around 50 pages it contains many fascinating facts. Here is the link:

AlabamaClimatePracticalGuide_hires.pdf (uah.edu)

I will be highlighting some of the key messages from this book in the coming days.

Monday 9 January 2023


 Jan 05, 2023

Will Climate Change Really Put New York Underwater as NASA alarmists predict

By Steven Koonin

A recent (NASA)National Aeronautics and Space Administration report yet again raises alarm that New Yorkers are about to be inundated by rapidly rising seas. But a review of the data suggests that such warnings need to be taken with more than a few grains of sea salt.

The record of sea level measured at the southern tip of Manhattan, known as the Battery, began in 1856. It shows that today’s waters are 19 inches higher than they were 166 years ago, rising an average of 3.5 inches every 30 years. The geologic record shows that this rise began some 20,000 years ago as the last great glaciers melted, causing the New York coastline to move inland more than 50 miles.

There is no question that sea level at the Battery will continue to rise in coming decades, if only because the land has been steadily sinking about 2 inches every 30 years because of factors including tectonic motion, rebound from the mass of the glaciers, and local subsidence. Rather, the question is whether growing human influences on the climate will cause sea level to rise more rapidly. To judge that, we can compare recent rates of rise with those in the past, when human influences were much smaller.

The record shows how much sea level rose during the 30 years prior to each year since 1920. That rise has varied between 1.5 and 6 inches. The 5-inch rise over the most recent 30 years is higher than the century long average but isn’t unprecedented and shows no sign of increasing.

As the Earth warms, changes in sea level at the Battery will depend in part on global changes. These include the loss of ice from mountain glaciers, Greenland and Antarctica as well as the ocean’s expansion as it warms. It’s very difficult to predict these changes - many factors influence ice loss, and the oceans absorb only 0.25% of the heat flowing through the Earth’s climate system. The 30-year rises in the latter half of the 20th century were diminished by about an inch due to the filling of reservoirs behind dams and changes in groundwater around the world.

The Battery’s sea level also depends on local changes in the sea and the sinking of the land. Most important is the natural variability of winds, currents such as the Gulf Stream, salinity and temperatures of the North Atlantic, which cause variations in sea level along the entire U.S. Northeast coast. Because of these many variables, climate models can’t account for the ups and downs so evident in the records.

Despite this, the recent NASA report echoes a February National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report predicting more than 1 foot of rise at the Battery by 2050. Such a rise during the coming 30 years would be more than double the rise over the past 30 years and more than triple the past century’s average. Even more remarkably, the NOAA report says this rise will happen regardless of future greenhouse-gas emissions. There is no way of knowing if this prediction is correct.

So while New Yorkers should watch the waters around them, there is no need to dash to higher ground. The Battery’s sea level hasn’t done anything in recent decades that it hasn’t done over the past century. And although we’ll have to wait three decades to test the predicted 1-foot rise, measurements over the next decade should tell us how quickly we’ll need to raise the seawalls.

Mr. Koonin is a professor at New York University, a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, and author of “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters.”

Read the full post with graphs Here: ICECAP

Sunday 8 January 2023


 This video is important for anyone who wants to see the whole story of our climate history.

NASA Ministry Of Truth - YouTube


 Despite all the hype and relentless propaganda from the mainstream media, the actual figures from the CET (Central England Temperature) record shows that warming has slowed. You can see the graph in this article:

Sky’s Extreme Weather Lies | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT (wordpress.com)

Friday 6 January 2023


Here is an example of the sort of extra control being considered:

 Cut motorway speed limit to 64mph to drive net zero goals, No 10 told | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT (wordpress.com)

We know that even the current 70mph speed limit is not being observed in many parts of the network, so it is unlikely that a small change to 64mph will fare any better. With the governing Conservatives so far behind in the polls it is hard to see them wanting to bring in any more unpopular measures. I am sure that Labour would do it, if they were in power. There lies the problem, there is no winnable alternative. There is the tiny Reform Party, currently at around 7 or 8% support. Voting for them would simply give more seats to Labour.  

Thursday 5 January 2023




A total of four storms were named in 2022 but three of them came in the space of a week.  

Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin impacted the UK in February 2022, with Storm Eunice resulting in red warnings for wind and saw a new highest maximum gust speed record for England set of 122mph at the Needles on the Isle of Wight.  

Dr Mark McCarthy said: “There’s no evidence of a trend in storminess because of climate change, but this spell of impactful weather in February is certainly noteworthy. It was the first time three named storms had impacted the UK in a week, with Eunice being particularly impactful for much of southern England and Wales.” 

“It’s also noteworthy that there haven’t been any named storms to impact the UK since that week in February.” 

Tuesday 3 January 2023


“The question is not whether it (the blackout) will come, but when it will come,” said KlaudiaTanner, the Austrian Defence Minister , blaming the war in Ukraine. No one has spoken this bluntly here in the UK, though there have been warnings that in the case of a prolonged cold spell there is a possibility of cuts. Here are the details:

Blackouts will last for days says Austrian Defence Minister — stock up now « JoNova (joannenova.com.au)

Monday 2 January 2023


It is now becoming clear that wind and solar power were just the fashion accessories that no one had to have. Coal, oil and gas were essential. Not only did demand for green energy fall, but the supply fell too. As costs rose, factories struggled to make wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries. Read the details here:

 That’ll hurt: Environmental investors lost 22% in a year when Energy investors made 54% gains « JoNova (joannenova.com.au)

Sunday 1 January 2023


 Let's hope that 2023 brings us some common sense from our political leaders. We desperately need to have a return to reliable affordable energy. We need an end to the obsession with climate alarm which is why I am highlighting this new research into the intensity and frequency of hurricanes.

Analysis: Hurricanes Have Not Gotten More Intense, Frequent Over Past 170 Years – Watts Up With That?

This is not something you will have heard broadcast on mainstream media. I wonder why not ?