Tuesday, 18 October 2011


That is the message from leading energy experts commenting on The Prime Minister's summit on the energy crisis in this article in the Daily Mail. As the number of comments saying this is increasing, how long before the public clamour to ditch the UK's unilateral high emission reduction targets reaches the government?


Dan Olner said...

You might want to read this. There's a specific Daily Mail campaign to link high prices to `environmental taxes' - it's just that it's not true. As you'll see from e.g. the OFGEM report, it's global price fluctuations responsible for most of the price changes.

Agreed? I'd like it if we could settle on some facts. If you don't agree, how do you think OFGEM is wrong?

masterymistery said...

In Australia, we've just legislated for a "carbon tax" which aims to be the foundation for trading in pollution.

NOw, I have nothing against the concept. In fact, if we could impose a carbon tax on the whole world, we could solve a big chunk of our environmental problems.

Trouble is, Australia's contribution to global warming is relatively so insignificant that we could shut down the entire Australian economy for three years, and still make no impact on global carbon emissions / global warming.

A partial rebuttal is to say, "yes, it won't help reduce global warming, but we need to set a good example!"

As if the major polluting countries will look to Australia as a good example of how to deal with global warming.

But they will certainly look to Australia as a good example of how to cripple the economy for no good reason other than to pander to misinformed but voluble interest groups.

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Derek Tipp said...

Dan, there are a whole host of articles from a number of sources that say that ouir climate policies will drive up prices. Even the DECC website says that one third of electricity bills will be caused by green policies by 2020. Others go further such as http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-2037645/Obsession-renewable-energy-add-500-UK-households-fuel-years.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

The climate change act was costed at £405 billion according to the government's own estimate.

Derek Tipp said...

MM - I agree with you. The effect of the Australian ETS will be negligible. You are being fleeced by your government as we are.