Sunday, 14 October 2012


The UK government started a competition 4 years ago to build a working power station that operated a carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) facility. At the end of the time nothing had been achieved and this scathing report is what the National Audit Office thought of it. Now we learn that our Climate Change Minister is giving away another £20 million for more research into said CCS.

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Anonymous said...

Carbon (dioxide) capture and storage technolgy already exists. It's been with us for quite a few years, billions in fact. It's called vegetation, trees, forests, jungles....

All one really needs is to plant trees, trees and trees and the some more..

I'm saying this as a climate skeptic. I konow that all scientists know that trees are the best and cheapest way to capture CO2, but the scammers, I mean sceancists, I mean scientists, are fter the money and not after the technology. The problem with science is that scientists have become greedy and gred does not create science but instead it creates corruption.