Friday, 8 March 2013


Below is an amusing piece by Peter Mullen which was sent to me. I cannot find a link to it on line so I have put it on in full.

As a mere man, I was wondering how I might spend today, International
Women's Day. Why is there no International Men's Day, by the way? I
suppose for the same reason there's no Association of White Police
Officers. Anyhow, it's all settled, I'll make my way to the London
Science Museum's Exhibition of Gamification in Service of the
Environment. Paula Owens, described as a consultant, explained,
"Gamification is a simple idea " (It will have to be, Paula, to have any chance of success in our present state of national infantilisation) " of using the concepts and mechanics of games but in a non-gaming environment." I see: it's a bit like smoking in a non-smoking zone.

So what's your Gamification, then? It's all being done to help with
Green propaganda. Paula says that people are "switched off by doom and gloom." Well, we can at least be grateful some people are switching
something off. The most fanatical environmentalists I've found are
sixth formers and undergraduates who - after ten years indoctrination
into Global Warming in state "schools" at our expense - preach endless
sermons about saving the planet but can't for the life of them turn
the light off and shut the door when they leave the room.

The Science Museum's exhibition will feature two highly-imaginative
examples of Gamification in the cause of the environment. There's
"Play Your Eco Cards Right" and "Eco Snakes and Ladders." I'm not
making this up. It's all too true, I'm afraid. But I'm so inspired by
the idea that I've managed to think up a few Green Gamifications all
by myself. How about "Game for an Eco-Laugh" (also called "Spoil the
Landscape") in which the task is to invent the silliest and most
unworkable ideas for providing for the country's energy needs. The
winner is the contestant who builds the most windmills and proposes
erecting them in the most beautiful parts of the countryside. For this
idea I should like to express my gratitude to the inventors of the TV
show "Pointless."
"Eco Snakes and Ladders" is just *so last year's* Kyoto. I've devised
a much more interesting version which is called just "Eco Snakes" or
"The Very Bent Hockey Stick." In this you have to compete to tell the
most outrageous untruths about the rise in global temperatures. (The joke is there hasn't been any for eighteen years) Last year's winners were some contestants from East Anglia who modestly withheld their names.

Then there's the mysterious game "Spot the Nuclear." (I'm going to
give the Gamification away, actually and tell you there isn't any nuclear). This will be followed by a few rounds of "Close the Coalmine" and the fiendishly intellectual puzzle "Paying for Gas." Gamification Grand Challenge Day will end with the final round of the popular game "Subsidy" (also called "Rip Off"). In this, contestants dressed up as poor members of the working class will give loads of money to rich landowners to construct the daftest Green fantasies on their property. Those windmills seem to win every year. And then the lights will go out.

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