Wednesday, 9 December 2009


This piece by Dominic Lawson explains the double-talk and hypocrisy which are all part of the global warming circus currently in Copenhagen. The article is very revealing and shows a shocking, scandalous situation which should be much more widely known.


Anonymous said...

I concur, this article is great. Putting the other side, here's Paul Krugman:

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krugman "unhelpful hansen", should be the first link below the news item. Also check out (by googling) -

planet money "fixing climate change is going to cost you"

For those who think neither state regulation nor cap and trade has a hope of working, but still think climate change is co2-driven and real (and I'm leaning that way myself I think, for the reasons Lawson gives) it talks about economics-Nobel-winning Elinor Ostrom's belief that the only hope comes from people taking action themselves, using the sort of neither-private-sector nor state-led, people-based solution that she has spent her career researching.

Dan Olner said...

Apologies - last comment went a bit wrong. That was me posting! Thanks, Dan.