Thursday, 14 October 2010


This article gives details of the claims made by government minister, Tim Yeo, who likens the war against Nazi Germany to the fight against global warming. Some may think he is a bit over the top, others that he is completely off the wall. I leave you to read it yourself and make up your own mind.

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Edward Spalton said...

Tim Yeo is in an influential position to vote himself rich. According to Private Eye, he is director of three "green" companies, all of which depend directly or indirectly either on legal compulsion or public subsidy to be profitable.

They are AFC Energy which makes alkaline fuel cells for "green" energy generation from which his salary was £45,000 and companies called Wate2Tricity and ITI Energy.

In local government, councillors have to declare their interests and are not usually then allowed either to speak or vote on a matter. But MPs are such honourable and right honourable chaps that they would never let the prospect of personal gain have the slightest influence on their speech or votes