Saturday, 15 January 2011


Another one bites the dust. This article refers to another wind turbine firm going to the wall. The idea that wind can play any more than a minor role in our energy mix seems more apparent with each revelation. Surely the government will soon come to the same conclusion?

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Anonymous said...

I doubt it. They cost more than they return.

Wind farms don't work in the cold: Why it's no use waiting for turbines to keep us warm as the snow returns

Britain’s wind farms almost ground to a halt during the coldest spells in December, it has emerged.

As temperatures plunged below zero and demand for electricity soared, figures reveal that most of the country’s 3,000 wind turbines were virtually still, energy experts say.

The National Grid was forced to compensate for the still, cold conditions by cranking up conventional coal and gas-fired power stations.

On a side note Wind Turbines must keep the prop turning when there is no wind, otherwise the prop shaft will warp from the prop's weight, so the generator works as an electric motor, and consumes electricity from an outside source. Oh and if the prop doesn't turn at all the wind turbine is frozen.