Sunday, 17 July 2011


I recently found this article by Richard Lindzen on the superb GWPF website and thought it worth drawing to your attention. In it Lindzen states that a doubling of CO2 from the pre-industrial level (280 ppm) has been calculated to give a temperature rise of about 1C, of which we have already had 0.8C. In other words if CO2 rises to 560ppm we should expect a temperature rise of about 0.2C from today. Of course what the alarmists say is that this rise will be magnified by other feedbacks, the chief of which is the increase in water vapour content. The problem with this argument is that by now we should have had a much larger temperature rise than 0.8C because if the hypothesis was correct positive feedbacks from water should have occurred. The fact that the temperature rise is so small seems to indicate that there are negative feedbacks (perhaps from clouds) which have cancelled out some of the predicted warming.

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