Friday, 31 August 2012


This article in the German press looks at the fact that research has shown that increased efficiency does not lead to lower consumption, but rather results in greater use. It's a fascinating discovery, but also means that efficiency gains can never reduce CO2 emissions. If the alarmists accept this then the next logical step would, as the article suggests, be to introduce more direct taxes, and if that doesn't work we can expect cries for rationing. Welcome to the weird world of the green alarmists.


Anonymous said...

1- Who can deny those high fuel consumption in our cars per 100km in the past, comparing with decreased combustion rates now?
2- Greater use? 7 bn population now increasing to 9 bn before 2050 is not a fact for us?
3- China,India,Brazil and etc are joining us to increase carbon emission. How about this?
4- Indeed, the rate of decreasing fuel consumption ( generally speaking)per unit of work is below the increasing rate of demand.
5- New standards in driving engines, all are aimed at reducing fuel consumption. And thus increase the quality of the residuals is not too much to ask.
6- And about TAX: Dear Madam/Sir, The only means of creating public interest, is simply a tax on fuel. Otherwise, unfortunately, with the advice of the man we all know, people do not do anything.
7- I am sure you don't mind CO2 and etc, your problem is only the TAX. You've heard of cars with fossil fuel consumption with 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers. You want to give a shock to the consumers; surely it means taxes!
I am so amazed of your writing "...that increased efficiency does not lead to lower consumption, but rather results in greater use." It is WRONG!

Derek Tipp said...

I have not made this up, it is in the linked article.