Sunday, 30 September 2012


Two good articles on Eureferendum blog.The first one looks at a project in Denmark where the energy supply to a small village is over 50% from renewables, mainly wind turbines. It makes rather disturbing reading, as it relies on the customers only using appliances when the energy can be supplied - in other words taking a step backwards.The second one looks at how the energy market is being rigged to enable wind turbines to get added to the grid in such large numbers. The second piece looks at how a rigged market is leading us to the situation where we may end up in the position of the citizens of the Danish village.

All this is being promoted by our government as "progress" and yet it can only be called progress in some kind of "nu-speak" world where words take on an entirely different meaning - a bit like calling a same-sex relationship "marriage" (which the government are also proposing).

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