Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Last evening I watched a programme on Britain's Extreme Weather. It is still available to view on computer (see this link). As I expected it was a one-sided piece of climate change propaganda dressed up as a normal documentary. It began by showing all the various different "extremes" of weather, particularly highlighting the flooding events around the country. I recall no mention of the fact that these all occurred in flood plains or in places surrounded by steep hills. There was no serious attempt to look in detail at the records for rainfall. A couple of harsh winters from the past were mentioned to try to give an impression of balance.

All this was leading to the obvious conclusion which appeared in the last 15 minutes of the hour long programme - man made CO2 was the culprit and two climate scientists of a "warmist" persuasion appeared to warn us that things were likely to get a lot worse. Funnily enough no one bothered to mention that there has been no statistically significant global warming for 16 years despite CO2 levels continuing to rise. Naturally no one was invited on who had any alternative views. This was clearly aimed at those with no knowledge other than the prevailing orthodoxy. As it was on Channel 4 it probably had quite small audience. In view of the mounting evidence that global warming has stopped for the past 16 years I wonder if there will be any attempt to look at this? 

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Anonymous said...

Autumn rainfall totals for the UK are not high by historical standards.

For instance, there have been six years in the last 30 that were higher.