Wednesday, 4 September 2013


This article shows why the Chinese didn't sign, and this is why no developing nation will sign in the future. And this is why it is pointless for the developed world to sign up to any successor to Kyoto - because it won't work, and will simply cripple our own industry while giving the likes of China and India a free pass. Either the world is really facing disaster and everyone must stop using fossil fuels, or it is simply a lot of pointless political posturing. I suspect most, if not all, governments really believe it to be the second while pretending it's the first.

I wonder what would happen if the world's temperature really did start to rise alarmingly, with a corresponding increase in severe droughts and floods. Do we think that the Chinese and the Indians etc would then shut down all their coal and oil fired power stations? Somehow I doubt it. Just as well it's not happening. 

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Keep doing what you're doing.