Wednesday, 13 November 2013


This video from an ABC programme shows what is happening. It is an attempt to frighten major shareholders, such as pension funds etc into selling their shares in companies involved in the fossil fuel industry. I think they will have a tough job, because their pitch is that governments may close these industries down, but to do that would not only bankrupt the companies but also put tens of thousands of workers out of a job, damaging the nations economy. Logically this is the result of the policies that countries like the UK are following. If we are to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050, at some stage we will stop using coal altogether, and then oil. I have not heard a minister yet spell out the timetable, but it is a logical progression - unless before then the goal is abandoned, or at least postponed.   

A few days ago I put up this post which included links to similar things going on over here.

There can be no doubt that we do face some very extreme people indeed, and they are not the usual hoards of placard-waving die-hard extremists, these are people in very influential and well-funded organisations, often with access to the government itself - even funded by government! If these policies are pursued it will be interesting to see how ordinary people behave. At what point will the resistance take to the streets? Or will political parties look at opinion polls and change tack? Try not to miss the next few years, they will be interesting.

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