Friday, 17 October 2014


Here is a link to a review of a book which purports to give a scientifically-based prediction of life in the future for a world affected by global warming. It is quite a long review, but considering it is given by a person who is a declared believer in serious problems associated with global warming, it is a damning review. The book's authors, Oreskes and Conway, are, supposedly, widely noted experts in the politics and intellectual history of the climate change controversy. They teach, respectively, at Harvard University and the Cal Tech, and the book in question was published by Columbia University Press, one of the world’s most esteemed academic presses. Such widely respected public figures as Elizabeth Kolbert and Timothy E. Wirth provide effusive endorsements on the back cover.

On reading the review you will learn just how foolish the book is. At only 52 pages, one wonders just who the book is aimed at. Could it be young impressionable children? You will also read a more sinister aim of the book, which is to denigrate the free democracies of the West and praise the harsh and repressive regime of China as somehow superior. I am not sure if the authors are totalitarians first and see climate change as a vehicle to reach that goal, or are they simply climate alarmists who see the only way to reverse their perceived Armageddon is by invoking totalitarianism. Either way, as the reviewer shows us, they are completely nutty in so many ways. Their thinking is superficial and incoherent. 

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