Wednesday, 15 April 2015


The economic viability of some 53 percent or 39 of the power plants planned for construction in Europe’s largest economy by 2025 has been called into question, German energy industry association BDEW said in a statement on Monday. The association said investors were nervous because of lacking profitability for coal- and gas-fired power stations because of competing energy supplies from subsidised renewable power, and a tougher carbon emissions regime. Germany, which is due to phase out nuclear energy by 2022, could face supply bottlenecks in the next few years. --Vera Eckert, Reuters, 13 April 2015

Germany's Irsching gas-fired power plant, one of Europe's newest, is to be shut down in April next year, its operators said on Monday, as competition from renewable energy pushes conventional stations out of business. Irsching is one of many power stations in Germany that are running at a fraction of the time needed to be profitable, replaced by solar and wind energy which has priority access to the grid. The statement, which puts pressure on the German government to come up with a solution for modern but loss-making power plants, did not say what impact the decision would have on jobs. --Reuters, 30 March 2015

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