Wednesday, 12 August 2015


The headline is taken from an article in the Financial Times - see this link (£) here. I found this passage particularly significant:
"Ms Rudd (the Climate Minister) is on shaky ground when she warns green technologies not to expect permanent subsidy. Decarbonising energy is the economic equivalent of pushing water uphill. Carbon-intense methods of driving a turbine or car may always outperform new technologies. Coal, oil and gas are widespread, densely packed with kilojoules and easily stored. Wind, solar and nuclear energy lag well behind. Only a high and rising price for carbon can level the field. Requiring government action to enforce, this is subsidy by another name."

That is indeed exactly the point - we are now moving backwards in terms of technology and cost, and for what exactly? The last line is very prescient -  the only way these policies can succeed is by pushing up the price of fossil fuels. 

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