Wednesday 30 December 2015


Scientist Mike Van Biezen  had for some years accepted the argument for reducing CO2 emissions to prevent global warming, but now after carrying out detailed research, he has come to the conclusion that it is massively exaggerated. He is part of a growing number of well qualified scientists who have reached the same conclusion. Read his detailed analysis here.


  1. "Remember when our leaders told us they were certain that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction? They are the same people who now say CO2 emissions will cause catastrophic weather. Politicians tell us what they want us to believe."

    The Bush administration was never a supporter of the science behind global warming. The members of congress denying climate change supported Bush.

    Senator Inhofe:"You can't wait for the smoking gun, because that means the gun's already gone off and then it's too late. And we wouldn't be talking about, you know, a thousand people or a hundred people, we could be talking about an entire city, hundreds of thousands of people, as Secretary Rumsfeld says."

  2. His 'detailed analysis' is a short article on the Daily Wire without support from any peer-reviewed studies. It's clear after reading that his understanding of climate science, and the scientific method in general, is questionable at best. But no worries, I bet he found what the thousands and thousands of real scientists missed!

  3. Hi Anonymous, Why not be more specific and say exactly what you found wrong with his understanding of climate science. People need to try to be more objective and put personal prejudice aside.


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