Wednesday, 20 April 2016


This report explains what is happening. There seems to be some thinking on the part of the church and its fellow greens that the fossil fuel industry has no long term future if nations are going to take the Paris climate agreement seriously. However the Paris deal has not yet been ratified and even if it is ratified by some nations that does not mean that they will stop using fossil fuels. We can see from the long term energy plans of large nations like China and India that they have no intention of stopping their use of fossil fuels any time soon. 

What is happening here is that the reality of economic success, which depends on a plentiful supply of cheap energy is coming up against the dogma of cutting CO2 emissions, which are supposed, allegedly, to prevent the climate from changing adversely. So what are Exxon Mobil supposed to do? They could take the view that they will be out of business in a few decades as, counter-intuitively, all the nations not only ratify the agreement, but exceed their pledges and phase out all fossil fuels; or they could logically assume that the nations will behave in the future as most have done in the past and continue to purchase fossil fuels in increasing quantities.

This campaign is being carried out alongside other campaigns against these companies which are designed to undermine their reputation with the public. Perhaps the next step will be to put a climate warning on petrol pumps, or on the side of motor vehicles - "THIS WILL SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR PLANET". I am not kidding, this is the way they would like to go and some people will have to stop them.

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