Wednesday, 22 June 2016


This article explains the case for leaving the EU in order to regain control of our energy policy. Of course even if we vote to leave the EU we can only benefit if our own government decide to do something different, and so far they have shown very little or no sign of doing so.


Brin Jenkins said...

We have voted to leave the EU, and its time for a big clear out of the political bigots who enforced our non-mandated membership. Nigel it seems is now persona non gratia on our exit mechanism. Is this is how the false prophets will seize control and delay our leaving whilst increasing our suffering under the excuse it take years and we still have to pay!

How should we react?

Derek Tipp said...

Hi Brin, I am under no illusion that leaving will be no quick event after over 40 years. It seems clear to most people that voters want much lower immigration, but some from Vote Leave appear to think they can ignore that. The thing that the government have to realise is that they will face an election in 2020 and unless they show they are in tune with public opinion they may get booted out. The voters are not in tune with Jeremy Corbin's Labour Party, so maybe this will give Nigel and UKIP an opportunity.