Monday, 24 April 2017


Here is a laughable piece of nonsense about an initiative by Christiana Figueres, a leading figure in the UN. I draw it to your attention to demonstrate the feeble arguments being made to bolster the flagging climate alarmists argument. Here is a short extract:

"During the conference, Figueres reiterated the “clear parallel” between progress on gender equality and on climate change over the last six years. She noted evidence suggests that a greater presence of women in the boardroom and in senior leadership roles can help increase the corporate focus on climate change, and emphasized that the UNFCCC has recognized the important role of women in addressing climate change through its ‘Momentum for Change: Women for Results’ initiative. The ‘Two Degrees of Change’ initiative aims to encourage women to raise climate issues with their company boards and to call on companies and investors to act on climate change".

So what is Figueres saying - that women are more likely to buy into the climate alarmist argument?  She has put forward no evidence for this. She simply trots it out as a fact and then assumes the rest of her ideas as following on from this unproven fact. The women she meets are probably all on her wavelength, or, more likely too polite to argue with her, or too in awe of her status to challenge her. But, out in the real world she would find there are plenty of women who are just as sceptical as a good deal of men.

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