Wednesday, 11 October 2017


The following email came into my councillor's inbox on Monday, so, of course I took part.

Dear Councillor,

I am a PhD Student at Northumbria University, currently researching under the title of "Climate Change Perception, Reaction and Engagement in the United Kingdom and the Crown Dependencies: the case of youth participation”. My research would benefit greatly with input and opinions from councillors within the local government sector. I was hoping if you had some spare time you would be willing to complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire should only take roughly 10 minutes to complete, it follows all the Data Protection Laws, and only over 18 year olds can complete it.

The Questionnaire Link: here

If you are able to, why not help this research student with his PhD. I am sure he would welcome the views of others who are not councillors.

Looking at the title of his project I was surprised to see that it was about "the case of youth participation" in climate change (even though he says the survey is only open to those over 18) and yet he had asked the views of councillors, most of whom are far beyond the youth category, sadly. I suspect that my answers were not what he was expecting. I ticked the box at the end, saying that I would like to see his finished survey results. If I get them I will put them on the blog.


Vanessa Smith said...

I have just filled in the questionnaire, thank you! Should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

now the title does not contain the words about Youth
and the bit "and only over 18 year olds can complete it" has also been removed.

Anonymous said...

Note the survey seems a rehash of a previous survey he did back in April
previous survey he did back in April

Derek Tipp said...

It looks like the same survey questions with a slightly different title. Maybe he didn't get many responses before and did a re-launch.