Thursday, 21 June 2018


CFACT uncovers EPA-UN climate deal

While President Trump is wisely withdrawing the United States from the UN's ill-conceived Paris climate accord, there is another UN agreement that also needs to be scrapped.
CFACT Senior policy analyst Bonner Cohen uncovered a “side agreement” President Obama's EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy made with the UN that could be used to resurrect UN climate policies here in the United States.

Cohen explains that a relatively unknown “Memorandum of Understanding,” (MOU) commits the EPA and UN to “achieve their common goals and objectives in the field of the environment.”

In other words, even though there’s no formal treaty or agreement, bureaucrats at EPA are given instruction to carry out radical UN environmental objectives like killing fossil fuel production, hammering auto makers with costly vehicle mandates, enacting carbon taxes, and letting subsidies for inefficient wind and solar run wild.

We asked Bonner how best to alert the Administration about the existence of this "MOU" and he suggested reaching out directly to EPA. 

We cannot let deep state bureaucrats undo all the hard work we have accomplished in convincing President Trump to withdraw from the Paris Accord.

The document was signed nine months after the adoption of the U.N.-sponsored Paris climate accord, and the wording of the MOU leaves little doubt that it was seen as an instrument to underscore America’s commitment to curtail its production and use of energy in the name of combating climate change. Thus, UNEP and the Obama EPA agreed to “cooperate on responses to climate change,” including mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, reducing short-lived climate forcers and supporting adaptation and resilience to climate change.

Taking these and similar steps, the MOU says, will enable the advance “toward green economies and resource-efficient societies through collaborative activities to promote and support sustainable consumption and production.” In truth, “green economies” are those with taxpayer-subsidized and government-mandated renewable energy (primarily wind and solar). And what constitutes “sustainable consumption and production” is in the eyes of the beholding bureaucrat, empowered either by the administrative regulatory state or by legislation adopted at the behest of deep-pocketed special interests.

Is the Trump Administration aware of this Memorandum of Understanding?  They need to be, so they can replace this document with a new "understanding" that the United States will not place its energy and economic futures in the hands of the UN! 

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