Sunday, 27 June 2021


 This article, Primary school children should be taught how to stage climate change protests, teachers say | Daily Mail Online raises some very worrying concerns. Our children are being fed with the diet of climate propaganda which the young teachers themselves were subjected to. 

I am a school governor myself and I once attended an assembly where the teacher was talking about communication and he displayed images of great communicators of the past, asking the children if they recognised them. One was Jesus and another was Florence Nightingale. Next he showed more modern figures such as Winston Churchill and David Attenborough, followed by Greta Thunberg. 

My example, above, is not to say that he was wrong to include Miss Thunberg. Clearly she has become a highly recognised modern communicator. This has happened because she has been given so much publicity by the media. The media make some people famous and they also promote certain ideology and not others.

Brainwashing is a slow drip of information over many months or years. It will take a lot of information to persuade these children and young adults that climate change is not a massive threat. It is much easier to get a message of fear out than one of calm.

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