Thursday, 5 August 2021


 Some Conservative MPs are planning to form a group to argue for a slower transition to net zero. See here: Tory backbenchers prepare to fight cost of net zero greenhouse gas emissions | ITV News

Unfortunately they appear to accept the premise of the necessity of getting there, but argue that it needs to proceed more slowly, which at least buys time for the real climate to show that it is not following the scary predictions of the extremists. It will also be less damaging to the economy.

If you read the linked article you can see that it is clearly written from a climate extremist point of view, such as in this paragraph:

People are now faced with the daily reality of the climate emergency – whether it’s the shocking images of floods in China and Germany, the environmental tragedy of bushfires in Australia, searing heat on the west coast of the Americas, or the repeated warnings - with another this week - of more extreme weather events in the UK. 

The author is linking all the extreme weather events in order to make a case for a "climate emergency", in spite of the fact that even the IPCC have stated that there is no evidence that such events are becoming more common now. These are the kind of scare tactics that are becoming more and more common.

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