Wednesday, 13 October 2021


Two excellent articles in the widely read Daily Mail highlight the pointless and very damaging policies of the UK government, as we face multiple economic crises, made worse by the very policies adopted to reach net zero. Here is a short excerpt: 

"It is coal that has enabled China to establish global dominance in vital, energy-intensive industries — steel, aluminium, plastics and cement, to name a few — where UK production has plummeted thanks to high energy costs.

Now another sector needs to be added to that list — renewable technology. Just as it once stole ‘ordinary’ industrial jobs from other countries, China is now stealing green ones, too, on a formidable scale.

So we are importing more and more green technology made as a result of burning coal from the country with the highest CO2 emissions on the planet. And sacrificing British jobs as we do so.

Renewables advocates love to brag that the cost of building wind farms is falling. One reason, it is clear, is that manufacturing them has gone to places with much lower costs, such as China." 

China makes a mockery of climate targets as it plans to build more coal power stations | Daily Mail Online

How China made a mockery of Boris Johnson's great green jobs boast | Daily Mail Online

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